We put our service to the test and yes, we are # 1

For less than $50 per month, we made Sell My iPhone Miami #1 in a very competitive market (Miami).

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Technically, this is how we did it

Create a website:

Create a custom website.

Your website after 3web1 will be able to:

Take orders 24/7

Optimize your website

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Create a website:

Time: 30 minutes Cost: $62 ($15 for the domain name and $47 for the monthly fee).

Why did we create a website?

Our goal was to start a business and reach as many customers as possible. The most effective way to do this is to establish a web presence and grab the attention of thousands of online customers searching Google for businesses like ours.

How did we do this?

We used 3web1 services to create our website. Using one of their templates we were able to create a website in minutes. We just needed to submit the registration form and was given immediate access to our website. After registering we bought our domain name from the 3web1 dashboard, and it was automatically configured for our website. We tried a few themes which takes seconds to test, and settle on one. The total set up time was less than 30 minutes.

Set up local SEO

Time: 15 minutes Cost: $0

Why do we need to set up local SEO?

Our strategy is to try to get ranked on Google's first page for popular keywords that customer use when searching for services like ours. Some examples of the keywords on our list are "sell my iPhone in Miami", "cash for iphones in Miami", "sell my iPhone locally", and "sell my cell phone in Miami". If we are able to get any of these keywords on Google's first page when customer run a search then we can get free and powerful exposure for our business.

How did we do this?

Fortunately 3web1's websites come optimized for these keywords and even integrates our business name and location so Google can start including our website in results when someone in our city runs a search. This is a crucial first step in the process of improving our rise to the first page.

Create reviews and social media accounts

Time: 2 hours

Cost: $0

Why do we need reviews and social media accounts?

Social proof is when someone tries a product or service because someone they know approves of that product or service. Social proof has given rise to the word "influencer" which is a term given to anyone that is able to persuade others to take an action. There are big influencers such as celebrities, as well as lesser know influencers such as our neighbors, classmates, family, and friends. Our goal was to create accounts on social media so every review, like or follow we received would be visible to others that would then learn about our services. 

How did we do this?

First we created Facebook, Twitter, Instagrams pages so we can ask customers for likes and follows which would then be visible to their followers and friends.

Then we create Google My Business and Yelp accounts so we can start requesting our satisfied customers to leave positive reviews about our service. Since many savvy customers begin their research online when looking for a product or service, having positive reviews from past customers can be an important factor when choosing between similar services. Have many positive reviews also helps boost your position in Google's search results. The more positive reviews your cell phone shop has will boost your position when someone searches for "cell phone shop near me".

Automate daily social media marketing

Time: 1 hour

Cost: $0

Why do we need to automate social media marketing?

As we've discussed before, social media is a very powerful tool that influencers use to sell products and services. But in order for someone to be influenced into using your product and services they must first know about it. So it is advised to post regularly, preferably multiple time per day, on as many social media platform as possible.

How did we do this?

First we added our social media accounts in a few seconds by clicking a link to verify your account details. This allowed the system to post new ads daily to our social media timeline.  We were given the option to create our own images and text to post but we decided to use the predesigned images and text that were already loaded in the software. This allowed us to schedule 5 recurring ads daily and we selected an end date 2 months in the future where we will go back and make any changes if needed. So after this we now had daily ads running automatically on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google My Business account and we didn't need to do anything else until it stopped running in 2 months which was the end date we selected.

Create a virtual flyer to capture reviews and followers

Time: 1 hour

Cost: $0

Why do we need a virtual flyer to capture reviews and followers?

After setting up our website, social & review accounts, and social media autoposter, we now needed to acquire an audience. The best way to do this is to get family, friends, and everyone else you come in contact with to like, follow, or leave a positive review for your business. You have to always be promoting your business and the best way is to ask people to like, follow, or leave you a positive review. After a person likes you page on social media then their friend will see it. If someone follows you on social media then they will see you posts and their friend will see your posts. When someone searches online for the services you offer the great reviews your received on Google and Yelp will push your business to the top of the search results. This is the secret to acquiring great organic traffic to your business that doesn't cost anything.

How did we do this?

We used 3web1's tool to create a virtual flyer which allows anyone to scan a QR code with the camera on their phones and be redirected to a page we created with links to our Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. This is so much easier than trying to remember multiple links or trying to get clients to type out a link after agreeing to leave a positive review. We printed out our QR code and posted it everywhere to make it easier for people to take action. We even kept an image of our QR code on our phone so we can ask our mobile customers to like, follow, and review our business..

Create FOMO (fear of missing out) on our service

Time: 1 hour

Cost: $0

Why do we need to create FOMO?

We've created the perfect funnel for our clients. Our virtual flyers are working to help us become more visible in search results and get people to see our social media posts. Our Social media accounts are posting new posts daily. And our website is SEO optimized and ready to take orders by displaying our products and services. But we need to add one last thing to make our services irresistable to customers. We wanted to create special offers to customer if they used our service. It creates just that little extra nudge to help close the deal.

How did we do this?

We used 3web1's tool to create special popups on specific pages on our website. So if a customer was on a page to sell their device we would add a popup time to show after 10 seconds that says we would get an extra $5 if they used our service. Or if the customer was on a page to repair their phone we would offer them a free case so they can protect their investment after it's repaired. We created popups that displayed customer reviews and there is even a feature that captures customer details during checkout and displays recent sales automatically. These popups were the final piece to our funnel that helps close the deal with customers.