Launch a Phone Flipping Business

Source more products and manage your business with a single application.

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Instant access to all features

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What's included:

BuyBack Website 

Find more electronics to flip with mail-in service powered by FedEx. Your Buyback website comes fully loaded with hundreds of products, across several categories, for you to select from. 3web1 will even monitor market value and update prices every week.

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Sell inventory faster

Push your inventory to your E-commerce website with one click. Notify your top customers that they can purchase products directly from your website. Just link your PayPal account to your website and start selling today.

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Never worry about updating your website

3web1 tracks prices for thousands of devices across major marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon and updates your website automatically. Your website will always have the latest market prices.

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Find more customers

Ready to grow? The best way to attract more customers is by boosting your online visibility. Being seen online is becoming ever more difficult, 3web1 provides features that will get your website ranked quickly. Say goodbye to Google and Facebook ads and say hello to free organic web traffic.


Track sales and inventory

Wouldn't it be great to know how much you paid for all inventory in stock? Stay on top of your business from a  single dashboard. Each inventory item added or sold is automatically calculated. Quickly track trends across any time period so you can plan better.

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Say goodbye to clipboards and paper invoices

Just grab your phone or tablet when meeting customers. Add inventory and capture customer details including their signatures from any wireless device.

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Mail-in service

Your website is ready for mail-in service. Sign up for a free FedEx shipping account and allow customers anywhere to print shipping labels at checkout. Run a contact-less buyback business.

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Your website is mobile

More than half of web browsing is done on a mobile device or tablet. Your website is mobile friendly and ready to meet your next customer where they are.

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Professional Ebay descriptions

Each inventory item automatically generates its own eBay description. Just copy and paste it to eBay. Save all of your past eBay descriptions and reused them at any time. Give your eBay listings a professional look. Customize your template with commonly used features and accessories to make listing your products much quicker.

Never ship the wrong item again

Selling similar products can be confusing when it's time to ship. Print unique product labels for your inventory, scan them, and never lose track of an item again.

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Instant access to all features